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    OrthoFlex by bioVERSA

    Pure, Natural, Powerful, Safe & Wholesome



    1. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    2. Osteo-arthritis
    3. Psoriatic Arthritis
    4. Gouty Arthritis
    5. Ankylosing Spondylitis
    6. Tendinitis (Tendonitis)

    Tennis Elbow

    Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is an extremely common injury that originally got its name because it is a frequent tennis injury, appearing in a large proportion of tennis players. Nevertheless it commonly manifests in a vast proportion of people who do not play tennis at all. It is considered a cumulative trauma injury that occurs over time from repeated use of the muscles of the arm and forearm, leading to small tears of the tendons (Tendinitis), inflammation and pain.

    Golfer's Elbow

    Golfer's Elbow , or Medial Epicondylitis, is similar to tennis elbow and is considered a cumulative trauma injury. It is thought that over time, repeated use of the muscles of the arm and forearm may lead to small tears in the tendons. The muscles that are used to pull the hand down (wrist flexors) are located on the palm side of the forearm. These muscles attach to the common flexor tendon, which attaches to the medial epicondyle (on the inside of the elbow). When the wrist flexors are overused, the common flexor tendon becomes inflammation and painful.

    Back / Neck Pain

    Chronic Back pain affects about 80% of adults at some time in their lives, and about 50% of people experience neck pain. Back pain and neck pain are among the most common reasons for doctor visits, and are major causes of disability, lost work days, and high healthcare costs. The causes of back and neck pain are numerous but they all accompany by limiting of movement, chronic pain and inflammation or even deformity.



    Knee Pain

    Knee pain happens to 90% of the American population sometime in their life and it can be caused by overuse, Arthritis (including rheumatoid, osteoarthritiS), gout, Baker's cyst, Bursitis (inflammation from repeated pressure on the knee, overuse, or injury), lupus (Connective tissue disorders), Dislocation of the kneecap, Iliotibial band, Knee injuries, Tendinitis, Torn cartilage or ligament etc etc.



    Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint and it is any pain in or around your shoulder joint. The most common cause of shoulder pain is a problem with the tendons (tendinitis) that attach your shoulder muscles (rotator cuff muscles) to the bone of your upper arm. More than 6 in 10 people who have shoulder pain also have problems with their tendons.



    Pelvic Pain

    Chronic Back pain affects about 80% of adults at some time in their lives, and about 50% of people experience neck pain. Back pain and neck pain are among the most common reasons for doctor visits, and are major causes of disability, lost work days, and high healthcare costs. The causes of back and neck pain are numerous but they all accompany by limiting of movement, chronic pain and inflammation or even deformity.



    Foot Pain

    Foot pain is very common. About 75% of people in the United States have foot pain at some time in their lives. Most foot pain is caused by shoes that do not fit properly or that force the feet into unnatural shapes (such as pointed-toe, high-heeled shoes), Arthritis (including rheumatoid and osteoarthritis) or injuries.




    Hand / Finger Pain

    The symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis of the fingers and hands are joint pain, swelling around the joints and limiting of motion of the fingers. Many patients with osteoarthritis develop lumps and deformities as well as knuckles becoming enlarged abnormally and stiff. Other patients with rheumatoid arthritis may see even more complex deformities in their hands over time, with fingers beginning to point away from the thumb and shifting positions, where they seem to point either up or down.


    "Arthritis is America's number-one crippling disease.
    Arthritis and other rheumatic conditions are the leading cause of disability in the United States, affecting approximately 43 millions people in 1997 and possibly 60 millions by 2020."

    OrthoFlex by bioVERSA

    Functional Phyto PolyPhenol Dietary Supplement

    Now you don't need to suffer from all the chronic pain & inflammation no more.

    In just 2-7 days - Go Ahead & Amaze Yourself!

    Yes, That is right. You need not have to suffer all the constant pain, discomfort, stiffness, swelling and chronic inflammation anymore!

    You can now set yourself or your beloved mum, dad, aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa and/ or in laws (very important) free now everyone can dance again, go shopping, play golf and tennis, do gardening and simply have a good time and a wonderful lives activities and mobility without pain or suffering.

    Courtesy of the amazing OrthoFlex by bioVERSA

    p003WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT to you a most powerful and advance Phyto PolyPhenol Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Killer Dietary Supplement !!!!!! A most amazing break through in Nutrition Science and Pain Management that has taken us more than 3 years to research and develop.

    The Amazing & Powerful ...

    Organic Orthoflex by bioVERSA

    Advance Natural Phyto-PolyPhenol Anti-Inflammatory

    Pure, Natural, Powerful, Safe & Wholesome


    OrthoFlex by bioVERSA is a true break through in Nutriceutical and Nutrition Science and it is scientifically formulated Phyto Polyphenols blend containing a full spectrum of plant Lignans, Stilbenes, Phenolic Acids and Flavonoids from 23 types of carefully and specially selected pure, natural and organic seeds and greens.

    OrthoFlex by bioVERSA is specifically created as a very -

    • Powerful Anti-Inflammatory
    • Rapid & Effective Pain Reliever for Painful, Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Conditions including:
      • Rheumatoid Arthritis
      • Osteo-Arthritis
      • Psoriatic Arthritis
      • Gouty Arthritis
      • Tendinitis / Bursitis
      • Tennis / Golfer's Elbows
      • Back and Shoulder Pain
      • Stiff and Painful Fingers and Wrist
      • Other Age-related Inflammatory diseases etc.



    Below is a partial list of common medical conditions that are associated with chronic inflammation:

    Diseases Related To Chronic Inflammation




    Inflammatory cytokines induce autoimmune reactions


    Chronic inflammation destroys brain cells


    Inflammatory cytokines attack erythropoietin production

    Aortic valve stenosis

    Chronic inflammation damages heart valves

    Congestive heart failure

    Chronic inflammation contributes to heart muscle wasting


    Chronic inflammation causes many cancers


    Inflammatory cytokines are elevated


    Inflammatory cytokines attack traumatized tissue

    Heart attack

    Chronic inflammation contributes to coronary atherosclerosis

    Kidney failure

    Inflammatory cytokines restrict circulation and damage nephrons


    Inflammatory cytokines induce an autoimmune attack


    Inflammatory cytokines induce pancreatic cell injury


    Inflammatory cytokines induce dermatitis


    Chronic inflammation promoted thromboembolic events

    Surgical complications

    Inflammatory cytokines prevent healing

    The wonderful therapeutic effect of the Amazing OrthoFlex by bioVERSA will usually be felt between 2 - 7 days (It is not a drug so it does not act as instantly). After 4 to 8 weeks of consistent usage there will be much less or even no more pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation OrthoFlex by bioVERSA.

    You can easily avoid any of the adverse GastroIntestinal, CardioVascular and Renal side effects associated with NSAID.

    OrthoFlex by bioVERSA is specially engineered and designed for LONG TERM treatment and management of chronic pain and inflammation, especially those caused by various Arthritis, and without any known side effects if taken according to instruction.


    OrthoFlex by bioVERSA will powerfully and rapidly reduce inflammation, pain and swelling and enhance on site blood circulation, waste removal, nutrients and oxygen delivery for accelerated healing of the injured or damaged tissues. The initial therapeutic effects and benefits of OrthoFlex by bioVERSA is noticeable and observable within 2 - 7 days and usually the peak result will be achieved between 4 to 8 weeks.

    Long term use of OrthoFlex by bioVERSA will strongly protects against further deterioration of, enhances healing process and maintains your precious joints in pristine condition.

    How does OrthoFlex by bioVERSA do it

    The functional pathways that OrthoFlex by bioVERSA exert its Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relieving benefits are :

    1. COX inhibition
    2. LOX inhibition
    3. COX and LOX inhibitions
    4. PLA2 inhibition
    1. Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors (PPARs) Activation
    2. Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) Suppression
    3. NF-kB Suppression
    4. NAG-1 Activation

    OrthoFlex by bioVERSA is most suitable for those suffering from chronic inflammation and pain who also suffer from the many adverse side effects of the common Non-Steroidal-Anti-inflammatory-Drugs (NSAID) pain killer. These adverse side effects include GastroIntestinal Ulceration, CardioVascular complications and Renal failure others. (Please visit our KNOWLEDGEBASE)

    OrthoFlex by bioVERSA is perfect for Long Term use because it is essentially a pure and natural food and has no known serious side effects if used correctly as per instruction.

    Ingredients (All Organic):

    Pumpkin seed

    Sunflower seed

    Black sesame

    White sesame

    Golden flax seed

    Brown flax seed









    Papaya enzyme

    Nova scotia dulse

    Sea kelp








    How to take (Powder)

    Take 1 to 2 servings (4g - one provided scoop) a day with meal depending on the severity of pain and discomfort. Mix with your favourite beverage, cereal or food. Do not consume with other medication together, the interval should be at least 1-2 hours before or after. DO NOT TAKE NEAT, ALWAYS TAKE WITH FOOD OR DRINK. DO NOT BOIL. DO NOT FREEZE. DO NOT OVER-CONSUME. DRINK MORE WATER.


    We are so confident of OrthoFlex by bioVERSA that we offer a 33 days money back 100% satisfaction gurantee* (We do not sell returned goods).
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    Disclaimer : All information and material contained within the myOrthoFlex.com site is strictly for general informational and educational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment by a doctor or any other health care professional.
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